Philodendron Brasil

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Meet the Philodendron Brasil, a colorful cultivar of our favorite houseplant, the Philodendron hederaceum or heartleaf Philodendron. Its trailing vines feature dark green heart-shaped leaves with strokes of lime green. It is just as easy to care for as the Philodendron Green, but its striking variegation can benefit from brighter light.

  • Each plant is unique; size and shape fluctuate by season so all measurements are shown as a range
  • Plant measures between 3–6" tall from the soil line to the top of the foliage
  • Arrives in a nursery grow pot nestled in your planter choice 

Plant Care

Sun icon

Bright indirect light

Water drops icon

Water every 1-2 weeks

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Plant Bio

The Philodendron Brasil, Philodendron hederaceum 'Brasil,' is a cultivar of the heartleaf philodendron, a species in the family Araceae that is native to tropical South America. It is a fast-growing vine that can trail or be trained to climb and is known for the lime-colored variegation that its dark leaves take on when regularly exposed to indirect bright light. (These are colors of the Brazilian flag, hence its name!) The easy-care plant is happiest when watered every 1-2 weeks in the spring and summer, and less frequently in the fall and winter. It also prefers a somewhat humid and warm home (65–78°F during the day) and will not tolerate cold drafts. If your Philodendron Brasil gets leggy or its leaves start yellowing, trim back the stems to just above the nodes to encourage new growth.
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