Pet Friendly Plants

Doting pet parents can be thriving plant parents, too! Meet our favorite, non-toxic plants that are safe to keep around your furry friends.

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Non toxic plants

The sill peperomia obtusfolia green variant small hyde cream


The Peperomia obtusifolia, or “baby rubber plant”, is characterized by its thick and glossy spoon-shaped green leaves. This plant is tolerant of a wide range of light levels, from bright indirect to low, and benefits from weekly waterings.

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The sill parlor palm variant small grant blush

Parlor Palm

Its upright growth habit and tropical vibes make the Parlor Palm a popular houseplant. It’s like a mini palm tree for your space! But unlike the palm trees you see at the beach, this palm is not suited for intense, direct sun — it’ll be happiest in bright indirect light.

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The sill pilea variant x small grant mint

Pilea Peperomioides

The Instagram-famous Pilea peperomioides, also called the pancake or UFO plant, is known for its adorable coin-shaped leaves. A self-propagator, this plant produces sweet little babies or “pups” on its own, which pop up from the potting mix surrounding the mother plant.

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The sill purple orchid variant small bryant mint

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Often called the beginner orchid, the popular pet-friendly Phalaenopsis orchid is one of the easiest varieties of orchids to grow indoors. It will typically bloom about once a year for 1-3 months. After a blooming cycle, the flowers will fall off, and the orchid will store up energy to re-bloom next season.

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The sill palma cat bouquet variant 02

Palma Cat Leaves

Celebrate the natural beauty of plants by highlighting their leaves. Cut tropical leaves are a great, longer lasting alternative to flowers. Plus, these are pet safe! These leaves will last up to three weeks with fresh water and the occasional trim.

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The sill fern birds nest variant small grant cream a8306bda f852 4cc5 a2f3 18957729950f

Bird’s Nest Fern

If you’re looking for the perfect tropical houseplant, look no further than the Bird’s Nest Fern. Known for its tropical fronds that grow out of a central rosette, this plant will add vibrant pop of green to any space. This fern does best in higher humidity.

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What is plant toxicity?

Many of us share a living space with our furry friends who are curious creatures and like to explore the world with their mouths and paws. It’s important to ensure we plan our indoor garden game while keeping our pets safe so we spoke to our friends over at Bond Vet about plant toxicity. Click the button below to read the interview.

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