The True Cost of Plants: Part 1

As we move into 2020, founder and CEO Eliza shares more about changes to come at The Sill.

The True Cost of Plants: Part 1

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As we move into 2020, founder and CEO Eliza shares more about changes to come at The Sill.

I started this company to connect people to plants because plants make people happy. It was a simple idea and it started with me, a website, and an apartment full of plants. I would go to local nurseries to select healthy, easy-to-care for houseplants and hand deliver each and every order myself. At the time, it was a radical idea – but it resonated with a lot of people who similarly wanted to surround themselves with more greenery (but didn’t know how).

Fast forward to today – The Sill is shipping thousands of plants nationwide every single day, and the process isn’t all that different. Our team works directly with growers to hand pick our assortment and our green team of plant experts look after each plant before it gets potted and packaged and shipped to your doorstep. 

As we head into 2020, we took a look at the products and services we offer and the cost to operate The Sill. Shipping live goods is our greatest cost when it comes to getting a plant into your hands ($15/plant on average). So rather than increasing our product prices to absorb the cost of shipping, we’re adding modest shipping fees. By charging for shipping, we can continue to offer our products at the best possible price and better deliver the quality and experience you deserve!

Our 2020 shipping fees are as follows:

– Orders under $10 (and monthly subscriptions): $5 flat shipping fee
– Orders between $10-$100: $10 flat shipping fee
– Orders over $100: $25 flat shipping fee

As we continue to grow, my promise is to bring our customers along with us. We’re here to share, to listen, and to grow together.

Here’s to more growth ahead!

Eliza, Founder & CEO

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