The Sill Turns 9 Years Old

To celebrate our birthday, we’re looking back at the slow and steady growth—just like a plant—that happened over the past nine years.  

The Sill Turns 9 Years Old

Words by The Sill

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To celebrate our birthday, we’re looking back at the slow and steady growth—just like a plant—that happened over the past nine years.  

"Hello fellow plant people! It’s The Sill’s 9th Birthday, and some of you are new here. So I thought I’d take a moment to share a bit about myself and the story of how The Sill came to be.

​​My Mom came to the U.S. from the Philippines in her 20s, earned a second nursing degree and an MBA and spent over 30 years working for the same hospital in western Mass. In her free time, she cultivated a beautiful garden and tended to her houseplants. She is the driving force behind my appreciation for plants (and my role model for hard work).

When I left home for New York City, I attempted to fill my first apartment with plants, but I was disappointed in the experience of “urban gardening”. You could say I had a hunch (Plants Make People Happy) and the hustle, and sometimes that’s enough.

What started as an idea to connect people with plants, has since become an online storefront, a subscription, 6 brick-and-mortar stores in 4 major cities, and a global community of plant parents—all powered by The Sill’s talented team.

It hasn’t been easy (find the nitty-gritty details 
here). From living off PB&J sandwiches to surpassing $1MM in revenue while bootstrapped, a feat only 2% of female-led businesses achieve. But every milestone is a part of our story, one that is far from complete.

So, thanks so much for finding yourself here—and for supporting, celebrating, and growing with us." 

- Eliza Blank, Founder & CEO 

Eliza quits her job—launches The Sill in her brother’s office at 26 years old. Pays rent to her brother in bagels.

The Sill team designs our first line of ceramic planters while working out of that same office space, now under 1" of potting soil.

Our first shop opens in New York City. A 100 sq ft urban oasis next to a dollar slice pizza place.

The Sill starts hosting in-store plant care workshops to connect with our customers. People actually show up.

Still bootstrapped, we surpass $1MM in annual revenue for the first time—a feat only 2% of female-led businesses achieve.

After 5 years, Eliza begins to fundraise. Dollars invested in sole female founders at that time represent <2% of venture funding.

Eliza, now pregnant with Faye, is featured alongside The Sill in the New York Times—immediately goes into labor (adds “Mom” to her resume).

The Sill goes west—taking in the sunshine and opening shops in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

We partner with The Metropolitan Museum of Art for their 150th anniversary on art-inspired planters. A big apple dream.

2020 changes our perspective on the spaces we inhabit—we learn the importance of cultivating these spaces through plants and biophilic design first-hand.

Always growing, we open our biggest store to date in Chicago.

We celebrate our 9th birthday.

Welcome to our community!

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